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Educational Programming

With over 20 years of experience as an educator, our founder came to believe that success is rooted in the family and emotional needs of the student. At RAFFI Institute, our programming is designed to empower students and families using a 3 prong approach - 1) Self Awareness 2) Financial Literacy, and 3) Career Exploration.

We truly are passionate about providing innovative programming and experiences for families, schools, 

and organizations dedicated to youth and community enrichment.


Youth Enrichment

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Building Confidence and Self Esteem

By integrating emotional intelligence education, creative expression, and personalized mentorship, our staff creates a supportive environment where children feel heard, valued, and capable. This approach fosters a positive self-image, cultivates resilience, and enables children to embrace challenges with confidence and self assurance.

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Youth Enrichment

Financial Literacy

We instill financial literacy in children by incorporating interactive workshops, age-appropriate resources, and real-world simulations. By teaching concepts like spending plan creation, saving, responsible spending, and building and maintaining an excellent personal credit profile, we equip children with essential financial skills so they develop a strong foundation,

Youth Enrichment

Career Exploration

Heater Maintenance

We facilitate career exploration for children by introducing them to diverse professions through interactive sessions, hands-on projects, and interactions with industry experts. Our holistic approach incorporates self-assessment tools, allowing children to discover their interests and strengths. We empower children to make informed choices about their future career paths.

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