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B. Shannon Thorne- Johnson M.Ed.

Our founder, Shannon, holds a distinguished educational background, including a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Business Education from the esteemed University of West Georgia. She further solidified her academic foundation with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from James Madison University. With a professional journey spanning over 25 years, she has garnered extensive expertise in consulting and training individuals, as well as fostering growth within organizations and small businesses.

Shannon's commitment to education and personal development extended even further when she embraced motherhood. For more than a decade, she dedicated herself to the role of a certified math, business, and technology teacher, catering to K-12 students in both Georgia and Pennsylvania. Her teaching footprint covered both traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms and innovative online educational platforms. What truly distinguishes Shannon is the harmonious blend of her technical prowess in systems development and her unwavering dedication to empowering others to master their emotions. This unique fusion forms the cornerstone of her approach. She takes pride in imparting step-by-step, hands-on techniques to her students and clients, ensuring accessibility and ease of implementation. These techniques serve as invaluable tools, enabling individuals to attain lasting success on emotional, mental, and financial fronts, all while nurturing a thriving work-life balance.

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